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Trials Evolution Review

Trials Evolution is a platform racing video game that was developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft Shanghai, and was published in 2012 by Microsoft Studios and Ubisoft for the platforms; Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. Trials Evolution is a sequel to the Trials HD game from 2009. In Trials Evolution, players will assume the role of a motorcycle rider who rides in different obstacle courses.Trials Evolution

The player of Trials Evolution will control a character riding a motorcycle through and entire track that is filled with various obstacles to challenge them. Anytime a rider crashes due to an obstacle is called a fault.


The overall goal of Trials Evolution is to finish each course in a level as quickly as possible with a minimal amount of faults. Players will have the ability to alter the motorcycles pitch when they are moving slow or while the bike is in the air. Trials Evolution is set up in a 3D world, but the player can only ride their bikes on a 2D plane forward and backward.


There is a multiplayer aspect to Trials Evolution as up to four players can join the game together for competition through the same console, or with the internet on Xbox LIVE. Trials Evolution features tacks that were specially created to make it possible for four players to ride beside each other, or the players will ride in-line and see their friends as ghost-like bikes traveling the course.

Trials Evolution

By making progress in Trials Evolution the player will save up currency that is able to buy customizations for the rider character and their bikes physical features.


Among other aspects of Trials Evolution is the ability to ride in a curved motion as before the bikes were only allowed to move in a straight line. This new ability makes it possible to create more unique and higher difficulty maps. Trials Evolution actually contains fifty different courses in the single player setting.


The player is able to keep track of different facts such as the number of medals they’ve earned, the amount of money earned, and other stats. These details can be shared and compared to that of the players friends as competition, there are also leaderboard that include these statistics.

Trials Evolution

A returning tool that was used in Trials HD, the in-game editor, will be available in Trials Evolution. This is the same editor that was used by the games developers to create the different tracks already included in Trials Evolution.


The only difference for Trials Evolution is that there are two different versions of the editor, the lite editor and the pro editor. The Lite Editor is most like the editor seen in Trials HD because it makes it easy for players to make their own custom tracks.


The pro of the editor gives players access to the whole process of creating a track. Besides the track editors players will also be allowed to access the visual programming language of Trials Evolution to make up bran new scenarios.

Trials Evolution

Two random additions to the game are different game types and weather control. The developers are introducing a first person shooter and top down perspective racing game to Trials Evolution. The weather conditions of the map can also be controlled by the player to change from day to night and other settings.


Trials Evolution includes a new way to share customized courses with other players. The previous game in the series only let players share their tracks with the people on their friends list. Now players can search around in different categories like the Most Popular tracks and can even make a custom search. The player has over 1,500 objects that they can use to make their own unique scenario.


There also leaderboards for the custom tracks of Trials Evolution. The Trials HD setting was limited to that of a warehouse, while the game’s setting is open to outdoors. It is still possible though for players to recreate original maps with warehouse inspired tracks is they would like.

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