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PAYDAY 2 Yakuza Character

PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Character Pack Review

Yakuza character pack is the 27th version of Payday game series, released on August 27, 2015 by Overkill Software.

PAYDAY 2 Yakuza Character (4)

This game features Jiro who is a Japanese heister of the Payday gang. Along with the famous Jiro Mask, this game introduces new melee weapon Micro Uzi which can be modified and rearranged into five different weapons of rampage.

PAYDAY 2 Yakuza Character (3)

Mayhem strikes the street of Japan as Jiro charges against death and betrayal to make blood spill on the streets of Osaka with his newly forged Katana famous as the masterpiece Shinsakuto-Katana. Following the traditions and culture of Japan, Jiro who retains his glory as the Yakuza of the Payday gang is dedicated to challenge his enemies in the face of death with an unshakable determination. Heists and loots with fights almost real is what brims this game with non-paralleled action.


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