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Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge Review

Mirror’s Edge is an action adventure platform video game that was developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published in 2008 by Electronic Arts for the platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows. Mirrors Edge is known for its use of bright colors and for the freedom it allows the player to explore.

Mirror’s Edge

The 3D design of the in-game environment enables the player maximum freedom in terms of movement. Mirror’s Edge does not use a heads up display so the player has a clear view of the player character’s body, arms, and legs.


The Mirror’s Edge setting is in a futuristic time period and the players are part of a dystopian society. The player’s character in Mirror’s Edge is a girl named Faith and she is part of a group called the runners. The runners deliver messages while avoiding the security systems set up by the government. Faith has a greater variety of movements because of the 3D structure of the game.


The main character in Mirror’s Edge is able to glide under objects, run along walls, and inch across small ledges. The player will see the world through Faiths eyes with the first person perspective camera. Players will see the world as Faith makes her way around the vast city, jumps from rooftop to rooftop, and sneaks into buildings through the vent systems. A majority of the player’s movements in the game are based on the moves in parkour.


The developers of Mirror’s Edge hoped to create a game that expressed the freedom available for the characters movement. The player will realize that as their character moves through the world of Mirror’s Edge, their view of the world will move with her. For example, if she is running at an increasing speed the camera will start to bounce up and down quicker as well.

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge has also made the speed and smoothness of the players moves an important skill. If the player can maintain Faith’s momentum by taking her through a series of moves, she will travel more smoothly.


If the player does not build up enough momentum and she attempts to jump over an object, then she will not make it across so it’s important to keep that in mind when jumping around rooftops.

Mirror’s Edge

The game provides the players character with weapon, but the developers warn that the emphasis of the game is on the player and her adventure, not the guns. The gameplay in Mirror’s Edge consists of searching for the most efficient path through the city.


There are a few cleverly placed enemies placed around the map, but the player receives a bonus achievement by resisting to shoot any of them. If Faith is carrying a weapon she will be slowed down so that’s something to consider when planning a strategy that involves her momentum.

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