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Garry's Mod Cheats

Garry’s Mod Cheats

Garry’s Mod Multiplayer Cheats

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox physics game with no real objective. The players are free to play around with the items placed around the map. The multiplayer also features several servers with different game modes created by the community. These are commands that can be used in the multiplayer setting of Gary’s Mod.


While on a multiplayer server for Gary’s Mod you first need to go to options and find keyboard and then advanced. Make sure you check the box next to Enable Developer Console. Now whenever you want to activate a cheat code press the ~ key and a text box will pop up, enter the cheats here.

  • Sv_kickerrornum 0 will prevent a server from kicking you due to lua errors.
  • Sv_downloadurl (url) gives the player access to the downloadable content from the server via url.
  • Hostname (name) lets the player enter the servers or hosts name.
  • Rcon (password) lets the player set the remote console password which will be needed to activate rcon commands.
  • Sv_unlag 1 will turn off lag compensation so the game doesn’t predict your movements to make up for a slow connection.
  • Tv_enable 0 turns on HL2TV.
  • Bind (key) (command) will link any command you choose to whatever key you choose.
  • Ulx_slay (player name) kills the player you included in the code.
  • !slay is another code that will kill the specified player.
  • Ulx_slaynr (player name) will have the specific player killed in the next round of the game.
  • !slay (player name) also schedules the player named in the code to be killed in the next round.
  • Ulx_rslaynr (player name) and !rslaynr takes players off of the list of players scheduled to be killed in the next round.
  • Ulx nr (player name) (role) assigns players certain roles , so does !rn (player name) (role).
  • Ulx_credits (player name) and !credits (player name) gives credits to the player mentioned in the code.
  • Ulx gag (player name) and !gag (player name) will silence the targeted player so they can’t talk to the server through their mic.
  • Ulx gag (player name) and !gag (player name) unmutes the player so they can talk into their mic again.
  • Ulx mute (player name) and !mute (player name) keep the specific player from typing into the servers chat box.
  • Ulx unmute (player name) and !unmute (player name) will deactivate the muting of a player so they can type in the chat again.
  • Ulx csay (message) and !csay (message) will display the entered message in the middle of all of the players screens.
  • Ulx psay (player name) (message) and !psay (player name) (message) sends the message privately to the specified player.
  • Ulx thetime and !time show the time set on the server.
  • Ulx armor (player name) (#) and !armor (player name) (#) provides the names player with the specified armor.
  • Ulx blind (player name) (time) and !blind (players name) (time) blinds the targeted player for however long you choose in the code.
  • Ulx unblind (player name) !unblind (player name) will deactivate the previous cheat code and allow the player to see again.
  • Ulx cloak (player name) and !cloak (player name) cloaks the player and makes then invisible.
  • Ulx uncloak (player name) and !uncloak (player name) will remove the invisibility from the names players.
  • Ulx freeze (player name) (time) and !freeze (player name) (time) freeze the player and don’t allow them to move for however long you put in the code.
  • ulx unfreeze (player name) and !unfreeze (player name) unfreezes the player and allows them to start moving again.
  • Ulx God (player name) !god(player name) grants the named player god mode and abilities.
  • Ulx ungod (player name) !ungod (player name) takes away god mode from the player it was given to.
  • Ulx hp (player name) and !hp (player name) will tell you how much health the player has left.
  • Ulx ignite (player name) (time) and !ignite (player name) (time) sets the targeted player on fire!
  • Ulx unignite (player name) and !unignite (player name) put out the fire on the player you set fire to.
  • Ulx jail (player name) and (time) !jail (player name) (time) puts the player in the servers jail for the specified amount of time.
  • Ulx unjail (player name) and !unjail (player name) free the jailed players from the jail.
  • Ulx maul (player name) and !maul (player name) mauls the named players.
  • Ulx playsound (name of file) plays the sound that was installed to the server.
  • Ulx ragdoll (player name) and !ragdoll (player name) puts the player into ragdoll mode.
  • Ulx unragdoll (player name) and !unragdoll (player name) takes the player out of ragdoll mode.
  • Ulx slap (player name) (number of slaps) and !slap (player name) (number of slaps) will slap the player the number of times you state.
  • Ulx whip (player name) (number of whips) (amount of damage) and !whip (player name) (number of whips) (amount of damage) will hurt the player that many times and take as much damage as stated.
  • Ulx sslay (player name) and !sslay (player name) kills the player without announcing it to the server.
  • Ulx strip (player name) and !strip (player name) takes all of the weapons from the targeted player.
  • Ulx motd and !motd displays the servers message of the day.
  • Ulx afk (player name) and !afk (player name) marks the player as away from keyboard.
  • Ulx unafk (player name) and !unafk (player name) takes the player out of afk mode.


These cheats are specifically for role playing servers:


  • Rp_setmoney (player name) (amount of money) gives players on a role play server the amount of specified money.
  • Rp_tellall (message) sends the written message to all players on the server.
  • Rp_arrest (player name) arrests the named player on role play servers.
  • Rp_unarrest (player name) frees the role playing player from jail.
  • Rp_restallmoney resets all players on the servers money.
  • Rp_tell (player name ) (message) privately sends the specific player your message.


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