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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the eighth installment in the Call of Duty series. It’s the sequel to Modern Warfare 2 and third game in the Modern Warfare Sega. Just like the last game in the series it includes a single player campaign, a multiplayer mode, and cooperative. The cooperative mode features a new game mode called Survival. This mode is basically puts a few player together to protect themselves from the never ending waves of enemies coming at them.


The system of kill streak rewards has been changed in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 so that it’s harder to unlock certain ones. Here is what the player must do to unlock each kill streak and receive their award.


These are the Assault Strike Packages, which means the player killed this number of enemies in a row or without dying in between them.


  • After 3 kills in a row they’re rewarded a UAV.
  • A 4 kill streak results in a care package.
  • When a player reaches 5 consecutive kills they will receive either an intelligent munitions system, a predator missile, or a sentry gun. The players will choose which item they want when they reach 5 kills in the settings before the game starts.
  • Precision Airstrikes are given at the 6 kills
  • With a 7 kill streak the player will earn an attack helicopter.
  • The three options for the 9 kills streak are a strafe run, AH-6 over watch, or the reaper.
  • 10 kills in a row results in an assault drone.
  • Players can choose either a pave low or AC-130 for their 12 kills
  • Juggernaut armor is the reward for reaching 15 kills without dying.
  • Finally, at the 17 kills streak the player will receive an Osprey Gunner.


The next types of kill streaks reward players with Support Strike Packages.


  • A 4 kill streak comes with a UAV.
  • Three options for reaching a 5 kills streak include a Counter-UAV, Ballistic Vests, or an Airdrop Trap.
  • After killing 8 enemies in a row the player will receive a SAM Turret.
  • 10 kills are rewarded with a Recon Drone.
  • Once a player has gotten 12 kills without dying in between them they will either earn and Advanced UAV or a Remote Turret.
  • At the 14 kills steak the player will get a Stealth Bomber.
  • There are also three options for the 18 kills streak and they are an EMP, Juggernaut Recon, or an Escort Airdrop.


The last type of kill streaks are Specialist Strike Packages. Before the players start a multiplayer match they will have the chance to choose their weapon class and they’ll also set the perks they want to match up with each kill streak below. Whenever they reach the number of kills they’ll be given whatever it was they chose for each streak.


  • 2 kills will give the player their first perk.
  • Getting 4 kills consecutively will grant the player their second perk.
  • 6 kills will reward the player with their third perk.


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