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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the sixth major game in the Call of Duty series and it’s the sequel to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. It actually carries on with the plot that was started in the first Modern Warfare. The game features a single player campaign, a cooperative mode that’s called Special Ops, and a competitive multiplayer mode.


If you want to activate any of the following cheat codes you need to enable them in your game first. Just open the file titled Config_sp.cfg . Once you’ve located the file open it with a text editor, such as a notepad. At the end of the file you’ll need to enter in this phrase seta thereisacow “1337”. Now that you’ve enabled console codes you’ll just hit the ~ key and type in the code.


  • Notarget – this code forces the enemies to stop noticing you even when you’re near them.
  • Give ammo – the game will reload all of your guns and you’ll be left with maximum ammo.
  • God – puts the player in God mode where they are able to do even more things without restrictions.
  • Noclip – enables players to move through walls and appear to be flying.


As you’re playing through Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, whether it be in the single player campaign, competitive multiplayer, or cooperative special ops, you can unlock a bunch of achievements by completing various tasks. Here are the things you need to do in order to unlock each achievement.


  • Back in the Saddle – assist in the training of the nearby militia
  • Black Diamond – play through the Cliffhanger mission while on the veteran level of difficulty
  • Blackjack – earn 21 stars from Special Ops
  • Charlie On Our Six – earn 8 stars from Special Ops
  • Cold Shoulder – sneak into the base hidden in the snowy mountain
  • Colonel Sanderson – while in The Hornets Nest mission kill 7 chickens in less than 10 seconds
  • Danger Close – be one of the chosen ones in the elite squad of Shepard
  • Desperado – get a 5 kills kill streak in either the campaign or special ops, but use 5 different weapons for each one
  • Desperate Times –carry out the plan created to assist the Americans
  • Downed But Not Out – kill 4 enemies while you’re downed in special ops
  • Drive By – reach a 20 kills kill streak while inside of a vehicle
  • Ends Justify the Means –play through the mission Contingency while on veteran difficulty
  • First Day of School – complete both S.S.D.D. and Team Player while on the level difficulty of Veteran
  • For the Record – finish all of the single player campaign missions, can be on any level of difficulty
  • Ghost – place the C4 in the Cliffhanger without anyone noticing
  • Gold Star – receive one star in Special Ops
  • Homecoming – play the missions Of Their Own Accord, Second Sun, and Whiskey Hotel all on veteran difficulty
  • Honor Roll – earn at least one star from all of the special ops missions
  • Hotel Bravo – earn 4 stars from special ops
  • Im the Juggernaut – kill one of the juggernauts in a special ops mission
  • It Goes to Eleven – receive one star from 11 special ops missions
  • Knock-Knock – kill four enemies with four different bullets while in slow motion
  • Leave No Stone Unturned – gather 45 of the enemies Intel objects
  • Look Ma Two Hands – get a 10 kill streak with akimbo weapons only
  • No Rest for the Wary – sneak up behind an enemy and knife them
  • Off the Grid – play the missions Just Like Old Times and Endgame on Veteran difficulty
  • Operational Asset – earn all of the three stars available in at least 5 special ops missions
  • Operative – earn the three stars offered in at least 10 special ops missions
  • Out of the Frying Pan… – finish the mission found in the airplane graveyard
  • Pit Boss – run the pit in the S.D.D. Mission in less than 30 seconds
  • Prisoner #627 – play the missions The Only Easy Day.. Was Yesterday and The Gulag on Veteran Difficulty
  • Professional – gather all three stars from 15 special ops missions
  • Queen takes Rook – complete Loose Ends and The Enemy of My Enemy while on the difficulty level of veteran
  • Red Dawn – play Wolverines and Exodus on Veteran Difficulty
  • Royale With Cheese – guard and protect Burger Town
  • Soap on a Rope – break into the gulag
  • Some Like it Hot – earn a 6 kill streak with thermal weapons only
  • Specialist – earn at least 30 stars from special ops
  • Star 69 – earn a total of 69 stars from missions on special ops
  • Tag ‘em and Bag ‘em – locate Rojas in the Favelas
  • Ten Plus Foot-mobiles – kill a total of 10 opponents with one missile from the predator
  • The Harder They Fall – kill 2 enemies that are rappelling before they fall to the ground
  • The Pawn – destroy the safe house that belongs to Makarov
  • The Price of War – play the entire single player campaign on Veteran
  • The Road Less Traveled – gather 22 pieces of Intel from the enemies
  • Three Some – kill 3 enemies with one grenade
  • Turistas – play Takedown and The a Hornets Nest on Veteran level
  • Two Birds with One Stone – kill 2 opponents with only one bullet
  • Unnecessary Roughness – beat an enemy with a riot shield
  • Whiskey Hotel – take over Whiskey Hotel again


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