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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the sequel to the seventh game in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops. This is the first game in the series to take the decisions made by the player into consideration when telling the story. That means there are a few different endings.


There’s a total of four different endings to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and some are “happier” than others. Players choices will lead to the end the player is eventually lead to. There are however ways that the player can purposely get to the ending of their choice! Just make sure yo complete the actions below for each mission in the sing player campaign to get to the appropriate ending.


Here are the actions to reach each mission. The name of the mission is followed by the actions needs for each ending.


  • Pyrrhic Victory: For ending 1, 2, and 3 rescue the character named Woods. For the fourth mission don’t rescue Woods, just let him die.
  • Celerium: You could get any of the endings by healing the Celerium Worm.
  • Old Wounds: To reach the first ending you should intensely question the character named Kravchenko until he tells you more about to CIA mole. The second, third, and fourth mission need the player to quickly kill Kravchenko instead.
  • Time and Fate: The first ending requires the player to gather every Intel piece and learn more information about the CIA mole. The second and third ending involves finding the intel pieces and then searching through the compound. The fourth ending is reached by searching through the compound without collecting any of the Intel pieces.
  • Fallen Angel: For the first ending the player needs to uncover information about Zhao’s private meeting. They should also make sure the character named Harper isn’t injured in any way. The second, third, and fourth endings also require the player finding out information about this secret meeting, but Harper for some reason Harpers face is severely burned.
  • Karma: Ending one calls for the death of DeFalco but protects Karma. The second, third, and fourth ending occur when Karma actually dies.
  • Suffer With Me: For ending number one Menendez will fail to take advantage of Woods. Endings two and three mean that Menendez either succeeds in taking advantage of Woods, Woods is killed, or the SDC is left unprotected. The final ending is achieved by taking advantage of Woods and leaving the SDC without guards, but Woods can’t die.
  • Achille’s Veil: By guarding Farid and keeping him alive, and getting the SDC to ally with the military of the United States. The second and third mission require the death of Farid and an attempt to shoot Menendez. To get to the last ending the player has to save Farid and still try to shoot Menendez.
  • Odysseus: The first ending is an option if the player saves Admiral Briggs, the SDC assists and guards the USS Obama with their drones, the USS Obama makes it far enough to back up the SDC, or the USS Obama and SDC both make it safely through the attacks. All of the other endings are reached by Admiral Briggs dying, the USS Obama is left with no means of a counter attack, or the crew on the USS Obama doesn’t survive.
  • Cordis Die: The only option for this mission is to rescue the president so it could lead to any of the missions.
  • Judgement Day: The first two missions need the player to capture Menendez and the last two endings involve killing him.


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